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  Article in NeoKosmos Newspaper

One of their most recent successes was the photo-shoot for the upcoming singer and songwriter Leea Nanos. A winning artist of many competitions, the young Greek Australian superstar has performed at most of the prestigious venues around Melbourne including Crown Casino, Regent theatre grand Hyatt Park and has also appeared in X Factor.

One of her favourite performances was for Olivia Newton John for her Cancer Wellness Centre where she was personally acknowledged and applauded by Olivia herself.
A testament to her versatility and flexibility as an artist, Leea is now known for her original songs both in UK and USA.

“The photoshoot was so much fun I cant believe how good I felt and looked in the photos,” Leea says.

“I have never seen myself look so beautiful, and the funny thing is I felt beautiful. The girls made me feel so comfortable, we laughed talked I just felt like I was at home. it was so easy and such a great day.”

Singing up on Sunday



 Leaa Nanos Vocalist




More success for Leea – Youth Music Australia


Leea Nanos has continued to achieve success at the Fastrack Singing Showcase by winning the ‘Best performance of the week – Feature Artist’ last Sunday at the GH Hotel in St Kilda, Leea performed in the second heat of the Australia wide contest by choosing Emeli Sandi’s ‘Clown’, ‘Clown’ was the song that she successfully performed at ‘David Jaanz Open Mic’ earlier this month and again it was a success, readers who haven’t had the opportunity to see Leea’s performance at the Open Mic can do so by viewing the video below.

YMA will continue to report on Leea’s progress as it happens.

Leea’s Journey To Success – Youth Music Australia


Leea Nanos had released her performance of ‘Hallelujah’ November 14 2014 on YouTube which was the winning song at the Fast Track Talent Showcases Semi Final and also won a heat with her song ‘Not About Angels’ too!

Leea is also a very talented song writer with her original song ‘Stand Up’ and her co written song with Frank Dixon ‘Just Wait And See’ and both are available for you to buy on iTunes here.

Leea Nanos is a master student of the David Jaanz School of Singing and was honoured to represent the school at the Oakleigh Music Festival where she performed ‘Say Something’ and ‘Hallelujah’ which is one of the songs from yesterday’s performance that’s available for you to view at Leea Nanos Vocalist Facebook fan page and you will hear how much her voice has matured to a richer tone, just click here.

David and Lynn Jaanz (Leea’s vocal coaches) awarded Leea Student of the Year in 2014.

Leea is lucky to be invited to perform at some paid gigs and is recording her third original song called ‘Shadow’ with James and Simon from NinetyNine100 Recording Studios and YMA will report on this as it happens.

Leea’s double music treat – YMA


Fans of Leea Nanos yesterday were treated to a double release of live material on YouTube, Leea performs ‘I know where I’ve Been’ and ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’ in the videos recorded at the David Jaanz Open Mic and the Take The Mic competition.

Video and Audio quality of the videos is excellent allowing Leea’s fans and the generally curious to get the best possible experience as well as learning all about Leea’s live capabilities which are important because a good performer must be good on stage to be good on record.

YMA will continue to report on Leea’s music news as news comes to hand.

Leea Nanos shows more music – YMA


Leea Nanos has released a new live video of her performing Birdy’s ‘Not About Angels’, fans and the generally curious will be very pleased with the video and sound quality of this video, viewers will be intrigued by Leea’s voice for it sounds like she is a singer in her twenties and not somebody who is only 12 but seeing and hearing is believing and the facts are that she is 12 and with an ability like hers it will be an interesting couple of years for those who embark on her journey as she finds a place in the music world.

Leea Nanos selected for 2015 festival – YMA


Leea Nanos received a special email the other day inviting her to perform at a Festival in Melbourne which is set for March 2015, this is a major step up for Leea for it will be her first ever show in which attendees will have to pay to see her and other acts on the festivals bill, YMA will continue to provide information on the festival such as ticket prices and more as more information comes to hand.